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wow it's been a while

anyway if you want to follow my shitposts as they happen then stalk me on twitter

You can also add me on Discord, especially if you aren't a scrub. Username is Daring#8929.

Oh yeah, we got a new kitten.

Boy, it's been a while since I last wrote something, hasn't it? Anyway, we're going to adopt a new cat soon. A female tabby, to be more specific.

We're visiting the animal shelter tomorrow to meet the new cat more directly, then a week or two later she'll be up for adoption and we can adopt her.

I just hope Kiba will accept this new cat, but while this year marked the end of an era... it also represents the dawn of a new one.

Unlike some other things I've written on here lately, this one is rather serious. Cross-post from my blog on LinusTechTips.

In May of 2001, we were looking for a new cat after another was unfortunately killed by a car on a busy street down the street from our house. On the 12th, we adopted a mostly-dark cat covered in varying shades of brown and gray, with one orange spot on her forehead. We named her Sakura, Japanese for "cherry blossom". Oh, what a fitting name that was. Ever since she was a kitten, she was always on her best behavior; when she knew she did something wrong, she owed up to it, she never got in the way and when she knew she had to come indoors, she came indoors. She truly was a cherry blossom.


For the longest time, whenever we took her to the vet's, they commented on how healthy she was, even as she grew older. She was our first cat to live past 10 years old. Although, that being said, her health wasn't always perfect. After a bad fall in 2008, she developed arthritis in her hind legs. She could still walk and jump as normal, but she had a noticeable limp to her walk. She also suffered from asthma in 2011, but that wasn't enough to stop her from being a cat too. Everything, arthritis aside, seemed perfect, and her projected lifespan was 16 - 18 years.


But... last year, she started losing weight. We thought it was natural, because when humans get old they start losing weight. Then, it hit us that it wasn't. She was always sleeping, and she wasn't eating or drinking as she should; she didn't even want to be near her food. Concerned, we took her to the vet's. They weighed her, and found that she weighed only 5lbs instead of a healthier 9 - 10lbs. They also did some bloodwork on her, and we would receive the lab results the next day. We were hoping for the best, but at the same time, we feared the worst.


And indeed, the worst happened. She had kidney disease, which can be fatal for cats, especially as they age, and can never be recovered from. Further lab work on urine samples revealed she also had a urinary tract infection. Everything was going wrong at once. We were devastated.


The doctors recommended hospitalizing her for a few days so they could get some fluid into her, to try to get her kidney disease under control. We did that. When her treatment was over, she seemed more like the cat she always was. She would climb up onto our laps and sit there, purring gently. Everything seemed right in the world again... well, except that the kidney disease was still there, but under control. She even regained a pound. But... on Friday, her health began deteriorating again. She spent all day sleeping in the upstairs bathroom, which was rather unusual for her. On Saturday, it became even worse; she lost her sense of balance, and while she still attempted to get up, she kept falling over after a few steps. We dedicated ourselves to spending as much time with her as we possibly could, and keeping her as comfortable as possible. Her face looked like she had accepted her fate, but yet... there was a certain sadness in her expression. Like she was sad she'd never be able to have us scratch her behind her ears or gently stroke her back again.


At 11:30AM eastern time today, after one final reiki treatment from my mom (she liked reiki), she peacefully passed away. Since I was still asleep at the time, and my dad playing golf, she was surrounded by my mom and my sister. Our other cat, Kiba (born 2007), doesn't seem to be aware of her death yet, but I'm sure he'll notice after a few days. Since the ground is still frozen, we can't bury her, as we have done with our other deceased cats. Instead, we'll be taking her remains to the vet one last time tomorrow to be cremated.




They say that pets are part of the family too. Every bit of that is true. It was an amazing 14 years, Sakura. Rest well.

Circa March (adopted May 12) 2001 - February 21, 2016

That's my attack.
I don't do anything but favorite anymore.
9 months ago, people in my state were bitching that there was too much snow. Now we're bitching that there's no snow.

Welcome to New England.
Hi, friends. Today, I would like to bring you all a rant.

Oh, yes. A ranty rant that rants. Now, as you guys should know, I used to be a member of MLP Forums. I left due to a multitude of reasons, one of which being me no longer feeling the Poniverse magic. Now what do I mean by that? Oh, it's simple. I feel that Poniverse has lost its way. It's no longer focused on being a MLP fansite for bronies, by bronies. No, it's now more like a corporation in how it operates. Between all these different policies, to how it handles staff on MLP Forums and its repertoire of MLP-focused sites, to even acquiring competing forums and services and merging them into its own, it's like the "fansite" isn't even a fansite anymore - rather, a corporation. There's now just a thin, blurry line between Poniverse being a fansite and corporation now.

  • The forums for BronyCAN, Everfree Northwest, BABScon, Nightmare Nights Dallas and Ponyville Live! were merged into MLP Forums
  • PonyMC (which, funnily enough, branched off from the first MLP forum I went to, is now part of PoniArcade instead of being independent; before this, they were considered an "acquisition target" rather than a partner.
  • Encourages pony music artists to upload their songs to their own service instead of a competitor like Soundcloud
  • Has Public Relations managers (what fansite needs PR? Poniverse, apparently)
  • Treats rules on MLP Forums like corporate policy
  • When staff resign from their roles, it's called "turning in their badge"
What does this sound like to you? A corporation? Noooooooooo, we're not a corporation, we're a fansite, they say. Tch. The evidence is skewed against their favor.

Also, I might as well beg the question: what reason do and have to exist? doesn't even have its own backend, it uses existing services like Twitch to stream content, and's services can be easily handled by something like Soundcloud (and wouldn't require artists to register another account on somewhere when they probably don't want to and instead want their music in one spot.) They're pretty pointless, if I have to say so myself.

They're a corporation, not a fansite, no matter how much they try to pretend not to be. They're probably glad they're not for profit, otherwise Hasbro would be sending their lawyers their way, and persecute them under corporate law in the US and Canada, because that's what they would fall under. But with how they operate, they might as well be for-profit. In fact, they probably already are, they just do a pretty good job at hiding it from the sheep.
  • Listening to: Dancing Calcobrina (Final Fantasy IV)
More words.
More words.

Context: my last journal.
Cutting me off because I left the MLP fandom is not one of them.

Felix. You, fucking, disgrace.
"but in the meantime, we're not friends, but allies."

And then he grows paranoid, accuses me of things I'm not guilty of and blocks me without giving me a chance to prove my innocence after I try to be nice to him. Those words... just smoke and mirrors...

RRRRRRGH! I've been played like a damn Poké Flute!
For far too long, I've battled with depression. Frankly, I'm sick of it.

So, you know what? Fuck depression, I'm taking control of my emotions again! No more sad Daring, from tonight on I am happy! My depression causing me to fail a tech course for the first time since I began college has woken me up to this, and I need to fix this. This is not acceptable at all, especially since there's only 2 or 3 more quarters before I graduate. No! No more sadness affecting my ability to work, no more sadness to bring down me and my friends, no more of that shit. I've had enough, and it's time to change for the better.
whole buncha filenames


As a bonus, my Twilight Sparkle wallpapers (dated 5/25/15):…

Feel free to download 'em. Just remember you need to be able to open zip archives. These files are staying up there.
While I deleted my Twilight Sparkle collection from my PC, most of it still exists in my favorites and Derpibooru account.

However, I will not be purging them from here nor will I be deleting my Derpibooru account. They will remain, as reminders of what once was. That, and it'd take too much time and effort to clear my dA favorites. So yeah, it still exists, just on two different sites. There's also a zip file called "Best" in my OneDrive, dated to January 12, which is a few months behind when I last updated my collection, which was around March. Eh, I'll just leave it and hand it out on request. Just keep in mind that you gotta have something that can open zip files.

This and the fact that I still kinda care about Twilight Sparkle means that I will never be truly able to cut off any remaining ties with the brony fandom, but why should I go through all that effort for no gain other than less pony material? Just ain't worth it to me.

If you want about 75% of my collection, go ahead and steal it, or 90% of my collection, ask me. I don't mind.…

this is so stupid and yet I can't stop listening to it

...what, you thought this was gonna be about me being determined to do something? No, I just felt like sharing a Chrono Trigger song. By the way, if you haven't played Chrono Trigger yet, do so. It's one of the best SNES games out there.
While I no longer watch My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I will always cherish the things it taught me about how to be a friend. But even then, there are still times of weakness when it comes to my friendships in me.

This year, I've lost 5 friends. I've given up on only one of them. I decided it was not worth trying to get them back, as they seemed so ready to backstab me again, and I definitely don't need that again.

Why am I writing this? Because I'm dealing with a friendship problem right now. Not gonna name anyone, but they had depression.

Depression isn't one of those things that just goes away. It can take years to get over it, and even then it's still with you for life. It's basically a life sentence in prison - an emotional prison. I've been dealing with depression on and off since I was 11; I'm 22 now, and am still very emotionally weak. Pushing people away for seemingly no reason is one of the symptoms of depression. If I've ever pushed any of you guys away for whatever reason, I apologize. I truly mean it, being that I'm someone who cares way too much about his friends. Depression is a serious thing. It's not to be taken lightly.

'Friendship is magic' is more than just the subtitle of a TV show, because it is.
Cleared out my deviations, because they were bad and I felt bad.

Boy was I an idiot when I made most of these :D
I am no longer a brony.  That is all.